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Background  of Centre for Enterprise and
Technopreneurship Development (CREATE)

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) undertook the restructuring and reorganization of the University through its Administrative Circular No. 29/2014 effective October 16, 2014. Through the restructuring and organization, the Centre for Enterprise and Technopreneurship Development (CREATE) was established and placed under the administration of the Assistant Vice Chancellor (Industry and Community Network) PNC-JIM. However, effective December 01, 2015, the Centre for Entreprise and Technopreneurship Development (CREATE) has been upgraded as a Responsibility Center (PTj) at UTeM. PPK was created specifically for students at this university in realizing their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Its main focus is to guide and produce entrepreneurs in various fields such as engineering, computing, management and so on. This is in line with the high demand of the market for a wide range of innovative products especially high-tech goods.


As of August 2014, the PPK’s director, Prof. Dr. Salleh bin Yahya has set up a new icon called TEAM USAHAWAN UTeM (TU).TU is a group of movers who have been created specifically to bring together students with high entrepreneurial spirit. TU is an entrepreneurial drive group under PPK that acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurial activities at PPK UTeM. Students who attend TU enjoy a wide range of entrepreneurship and exposure programs and experience.
In 2017, PPK and TEAM USAHAWAN UTeM undergo a rebranding thus change into Create UTeM and Create Buddies respectively.