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In the effort to develop Malaysia to be an Entrepreneurial Nation by 2030, the culture and entrepreneurial mindset need to be developed among Malaysian citizen. The National Entrepreneurship Policy 2030 (DKN2030) outlines the direction towards creating a holistic and conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem, increase the number of high performance entrepreneurs and to make entrepreneurship as a career of choice among the graduates.

In that regard, the Center for Enterprise and Technopreneurship Development (CREATE) offers entrepreneurial related programs to develop graduates with entrepreneurial qualities. The programs include entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial culture development.

Entrepreneurial awareness programs include knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship and the importance of entrepreneurship. Through these programs, students will inculcate the entrepreneurial values such as innovative, creative, risk taking and perseverance. Students will also be exposed to planning and business strategy.

In developing entrepreneurial culture among students, they will have the chance to practice the entrepreneurial knowledge through real life business activities. They will experience running their own businesses and manage the business resources such as financial, human resources, information and asset and work in teams. 
Students will be supported to become entrepreneurs after their graduation. Those who are interested to become entrepreneurs will be offered suitable trai.nings, business advice and mentoring service from the academic staff.

Dr. Isma Addi Bin Jumbri
Center for Enterprise and Technopreneurship Development (CREATE)
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

Last updated: December 01, 2021